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Easy to start and run a company

An effective regulatory framework is an essential pre-condition for long-term commitments and planned business activities. Starting, running and developing a business must be easy.

Entrepreneurs must be able to feel secure with the regulations that are in place and must receive good service. They then can concentrate on running their business, which will lead to stronger competitiveness for Sweden. So one important part of work to facilitate enterprise is removing unnecessary complications to do with regulations.

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Display case for information about starting and running a business.

Regulatory reform

The starting point for work on regulatory reform is to listen to companies and understand how they feel that regulations impact on their everyday operations. In this context it is important to have a forum where views and simplification proposals can be discussed. We can use measurements of companies' administrative costs and analyse how much a regulation costs in terms of time and money. These measurements help agencies and ministries in their work to reduce companies' administrative costs.

Methods, advice and training

When regulations are introduced or are amended, ministries and agencies must examine what effects this will have for companies. We support them by providing methods, advice and training. Work to press forward and coordinate regulatory reform takes place from EU level to municipal level since regulations are created and applied throughout the chain.

Service and information

Providing assistance in the form of service and information is another part of work to facilitate enterprise. Today, companies and prospective entrepreneurs are affected by many government agencies and a great deal of information. It is important for this information to be communicated in an as coordinated and effective a way as possible. This is why the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth is collaborating with several other government agencies, including the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Companies Registration Office.


One initiative has been to launch the entrepreneur website verksamt.se in order to provide concerted service and information from the agencies affected by different phases of enterprise: considering, starting, running, developing and closing down a business.

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