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Mid-North Sweden: Biogas in Central Norrland will transform waste into fuel

In the Biogas in Central Norrland project, the Municipalities of Östersund and Sundsvall are preparing a joint plant for biogas production located at the Korsta Heating and Power Station in Sundsvall.

The aim is to reduce emissions of climate gases and make use of what was previously regarded as waste for the production of fuel.  

The plant will handle organic waste and will be part of an ecocycle so as to enable different types of waste and residues in biogas production to be used in other areas. Digestate will be reused as forest fertiliser while the reject water, which is rich in phosphorous and nitrogen, will be returned for biological treatment in the pulp industry.

“One great advantage of biogas is that it does not result in any net increase in fossil carbon dioxide," says Bertil Carlsson, the project manager. "By making sensible use of ‘waste´ you get a possible raw material for forest fertilisation in addition to a climate-smart fuel."

Liquid gas is transport-efficient

The project hopes to be able to use a technology for producing liquid biogas that makes it possible to transport up to seven times more energy per volume unit. This is very important in the northern parts of the country, where the geographical distances are large.

A feasibility study to examine the conditions for a biogas plant has previously been carried out. The current project starts from the issues that emerged in that study and is seeking to produce all the information needed for a combined plant and tender documents to build the facility.

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Project owner: Fokusera Utveckling Sundsvall AB/Sundsvall Energi AB
Project period: 2010-05-01—2012-06-30

Support granted (SEK)

European Regional Development Fund: 10 900 000
National public funding (SEK):
Jämtland County Administrative Board: 2 000 000
Västernorrland County Administrative Board: 3 000 000
Östersund Municipality: 200 000
MittSverige Vatten AB: 500 000
Stadsbacken AB: 3 400 000
Östersund Rådhus AB: 1 800 000


Bertil Carlsson, 070-191 61 53

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