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Weed cutters and solar cells
— many ideas are being developed in an incubator

Since May 2009, the incubator in Olofström has screened 42 ideas and admitted four new companies. Moreover, four new products have been placed with existing businesses.

Bild till projektet BBI, Erling Svensson

Erling Svensson

The project Incubator Service Focusing on the Production Industry (/Inkubator-verksamhet med bransch-inriktning mot produktions-industri) has the objective that the incubator in Olofström will house 20 companies and screen 50 ideas. The hope is to generate seven new companies, while passing a further five ideas on to the right partner.

“Some innovators are not interested in starting a business and in that case the thing to do is to get their idea out onto the market instead," says the project manager, Erling Svensson, who would prefer to see all the production stay in Blekinge.

Find suitable manufacturer

One company that BBI has helped to find a suitable manufacturer for is JCS Innovation, which has developed a weed and vegetation cutter for organic cultivation. Other innovations involve assistive devices for disabled people and these products have been passed on to an existing company in Olofström.

Solect Power is one of the companies that have been formed with the help of the incubator. Their objective is to develop a new generation of solar cells and to establish a production plant with 10-15 employees in Olofström.

Another company is Eyestone, which is developing a stand made of black diabase for showing collectable objects at exhibitions, and in spring 2010 the incubator welcomed Meta & Morphe, which has developed a modular system for simple buildings.

The project, which has received more than SEK 1 million from the European Regional Development Fund, has invited lawyers to describe what assistance they can provide in setting up a business and other matters.

“Since board work is something foreign to many entrepreneurs, we also hold activities to foster this," says Erling Svensson and he mentions that the project has also offered supervision and training in marketing.

Other activities are exhibitions, seminars with actors from, for example, ALMI, banks, the Jobs and Society organisation, the business community in the municipality and various organisations for business operators.

During the second half of the project he is looking forward to more cooperation across county borders and more initiatives for young people.

“In addition to creating new businesses, we also want to contribute to growth in those that already exist," says Erling Svensson.


Project owner: Blekinge Business Incubator AB
Project period: 1 April 2009—31 March 2012

Support granted (SEK)

European Regional Development Fund: 1 016 000
National public funding (SEK):
Almi företagspartner Blekinge: 96 000
Blekinge Business Incubator AB: 1 000 000
Innovationsbron Syd AB: 48 000
Olofström´s business sector: 330,000
Region Blekinge: 650 000

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